Families in Wine

Families in Wine: Familia Deicas

The Deicas family has one of Uruguay's leading wineries, Familia Deicas, which is renowned for its innovative winemaking techniques as well as pioneering new wine regions around the country. Behind the winery are three generations of the Deicas family

Families in Wine

Families in Wine: Pizzorno

The Pizzorno family is one of the great success stories of a family winery in Uruguay


Legends: Francisco Carrau

Francisco Carrau is renowned for his research and work into wine fermentations and, in particular, unravelling the ideal fermentation conditions for Tannat

Uruguay Wine

Stories to listen: The story behind Uruguay Wine’s playlists

Wine is all about the experience. A great wine experience isn’t only remembered by the taste of the wine, but also the taste of the food you enjoyed it with, the memory of the friends you spent that time with, the view you were beholding, or even the music you were listening to


Legends Series

In this first Legends Series, we want to introduce you to five of our living legends in Uruguayan wine.

Women in Wine

Women in Wine: Virginia Stagnari

Virginia Stagnari is a fifth-generation vigneron in the heart of Santos Lugares in Canelones. 

Masters of Wine

The MWs: Victoria Stephens-Clarkson

Victoria Stephens-Clarkson has held the prestigious title of being a Master of Wine since 2015.