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Tannat Day: Celebrating part of Uruguayan culture for 150 years

Tannat Day: Celebrating part of Uruguayan culture for 150 years

This April 14th, we celebrate Tannat Day. Tannat for us is more than just a grape.

It is part of our culture. Part of livelihoods. And an integral part of our Uruguayan identity for the last century and a half.

150 years ago this year, Tannat was first planted and produced in Uruguay by the viticultural pioneer Pascual Harriague. Harriague was instrumental in making Uruguayan Tannat known worldwide and sharing the vines with other producers around the country.

He passed away in 1894 on 14th April, which is the day we’ve chosen to take as our annual celebration in appreciation of Harriague and, most of all, of Tannat.

Today Tannat is our most widely planted grape variety and responsible for some of the country’s best wines which have acted as our vinous ambassadors to the wine world. We have 1,630 hectares of Tannat planted all over our wine regions, and almost every one of our wine families produces their own Tannat wine — each with their own unique personality.

Uruguayan Tannat reflects its owners and the families behind the wines — their ancestry, their inherited winemaking techniques, and their preferences for wine style, ageing and blending. But Tannat is also the greatest interpreter of our terroir — showing the differences between our diverse wine regions, soils and nuances of the climate.

It is through this range of Tannat wines that it has become firmly embedded in our gastronomy too. There is no better partner for our roast cordero (lamb) or asado than a refreshing, firm and savoury Tannat. And by our beautiful beaches, we don’t want to spend an evening without a glass of Tannat rosé or a glass of our innovative sparkling Tannat wines. Nor do we want to finish a meal and enjoy our dessert with anything less than a licor de Tannat

Tannat has long been part of Uruguay, and Uruguay is forever more going to be part of Tannat. Salud to that! Happy Tannat Day!

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