Uruguay Wine

26th October — a day to celebrate Uruguay’s winemakers!

26th October — a day to celebrate Uruguay’s winemakers!

Every year on 26th October, Uruguay celebrates its Día del Enólogo — the national Winemaker’s Day.


With over two hundred winemakers around the country, the day is in celebration of all their hard work in both the vineyard and winery, and contribution to the country. The date coincides with the day in which the Uruguay’s Winemakers’ Association was founded — the 26th October in 1964.

Almost 60 years on from its establishment, Uruguay’s winemakers today can be proud of what they have achieved. The wine industry has grown and thrived — now exporting wines to over 65 countries around the world and renowned for its distinctive, high quality yet artisanal wines.

Uruguay’s winemakers range from all sorts of backgrounds and training, with a diverse combination of male and female winemakers from all age groups. While family heritage in wine is strong in Uruguay with many multi-generational wine families, there are also many winemakers in the country who are the first in their family to belong to the career and start their journey in wine.

As we raise a glass to all our winemakers in Uruguay, we want to thank them for working hard to interpret the beautiful terroirs and grape varieties of Uruguay through delicious and memorable wines.



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Uruguay Wine

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