Uruguay Wine WEEKEND IN BRAZIL – June 2023
Uruguay Wine WEEKEND IN BRAZIL – June 2023

Once again in the year Uruguay Wine crossed the border to its main export market, Brazil.

The team of the National Institute of Viticulture - Uruguay Wine, together with 23 Uruguayan wineries, excelled in the neighboring country during a week full of promotional activities, managing to conquer the general public through their events in two cities: Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. .

Rio de Janeiro

On June 27, Uruguayan wines were presented again in Rio de Janeiro by Uruguay Wine, after almost seven years of not carrying out institutional promotion.

The event began at 2:30 p.m. in the rooms on the second floor of the Windsor Marapendi Hotel, located in the city of Barra da Tijuca. On the sea, the perfect setting to make it an enjoyable experience in terms of flavors, aromas and warm encounters between the Uruguayans and the Brazilian attendees, it began with two Masterclasses entitled "Discover the new era and new trends in Uruguay hand in hand of its creators” for sommeliers, professionals, journalists and the Rio de Janeiro trade. The objective of the activity was to present, after a few years, the new products that Uruguay has to offer, in terms of oenological innovation, new strains and creations.

In each Masterclass, 11 Uruguayan wines were presented, beginning with fresh and young wines, such as whites from various vines: Albariño, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Petit Manseng, Pet Nat Torrontes and Pet Nat de Malvasia. Continuing with the reds from the lightest, without barrels, low-intervention amphora reds, revolutionary reds such as Merlot claret and Ugni Blanc, going through blends with high aging potential to the most robust with the presence of marked wood and complex profiles. . Ending them with an aromatic vermouth based on Tannat. Our flagship strain, Tannat, was the protagonist of the change in trend and presented in this variety of styles.

The new era and new trends in Uruguayan viticulture conquered the Rio de Janeiro public who enjoyed a Walkaround Tasting after the Mastercalsses from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the adjoining room of the aforementioned hotel, with the same 22 national wineries and their producers presenting more than 85 labels.

During the Walkaround Tasting, more than 100 professionals from the HORECA channel in Rio, the most important sommelier schools, shops and wine bars in the city participated.

On this occasion, the tasting was accompanied by the hotel's gastronomy, which included a variety of hot and cold sandwiches, a variety of cheeses and cold cuts, typical snacks from the region such as stuffed meat quiches, mushrooms, and cheese breads.

San Pablo

The quintessential cosmopolitan city of Brazil receives Uruguay, its wines and producers year after year to give way to the promotion of wine products.

Continuing with the presentation of Uruguayan wines, the two Masterclasses of 11 wines each were replicated in this city, already given in Rio, under the title "Discover the new era and new trends in Uruguay at the hands of its creators", in this time the meeting was at the Praça São Lourenço restaurant, in the exclusive Itaim Bibi area. Going through the new styles in whites, reds, Pet Nat, Clarete, up to the classic aged reds with passage through oak and ending with Vermouth.

At 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 29, the first Masterclass took place and at 1:00 p.m. the second began. Each one of them with 30 guests made up of sommeliers, journalists, Brazilian lifestyle influencers and importers.

In the interim time between one Masterclass and the other, the producers received the guests in the restaurant's garden with a banquet of typical local food, different dips of chickpea hummus, cream cheese, green and black olives flavored with black, red pepper and spices, a variety of regional cheeses, a cake with Calabrian linguiça accompanied by a variety of flavored breads, beetroot chips and sweet potato.

They harmonized perfectly with the 22 Uruguayan wines from the different regions of the country presented that were also available at halftime. It was a moment of meeting and networking between the attendees and the wineries where they could learn first-hand about the wines, the establishments and the different production techniques of each place.

Continuing with the activities of the week, the night of Friday the 30th was the protagonist of the first activity of such magnitude created in São Paulo regarding wines. Uruguay Wine, together with the Wine Locals company, organized simultaneous pairing dinners with Uruguayan wines in 5 of the most prestigious restaurants in São Paulo: Quintana Bar, Huevos de Oro, El Tranvía, Altruista and NB Steak JB. Each restaurant received around 25 diners, who were able to purchase their tickets through the Wine Locals App and website (https://www.wine-locals.com/).

It was not just another dinner for the attendees, but a completely Uruguayan experience since the producers of each winery received them in each restaurant, sharing the encounter at each step of each of the organized dinners. The producers presented their wines, telling their story, answering questions and sharing another little piece of Uruguay with the diners from São Paulo.

This unique activity, never before carried out by the sector, was a success and it is a huge achievement for Uruguay to be able to conquer the gastronomic scene in a city as large and diverse as São Paulo.

The last activity on this agenda took place on Saturday, July 1, and it was a real party! In Casa Das Caldeiras, a beautiful property, historical heritage of São Paulo, today converted into a center for events and conventions; Uruguay Wine held the second edition of the traditional Uruguayan Festival of Tannat and Lamb.

Due to the resounding success of last year 2022, where Uruguay Wine considered taking the traditional Tannat & Cordero festival held by national wineries - and with the Brazilian tourist as its main participant - to the neighboring country, this year it held its second edition betting on more.

The Tannat & Cordero festival has its origins in the celebration of the Fires of San Juan, a ritual of European origin that welcomes the next season of the year. The wine tourism sector saw an opportunity to gather tourists around the traditional Uruguayan fire and have the chance to experience the national emblem wine, Tannat, with the excellent pairing of lamb meat, two Uruguayan gastronomic emblems.

In the outdoor patio of the property were the grills by Larica Na Brasa by chef Larissa Morales, with an exquisite menu that included: shredded lamb shank with cabbage salad; shredded lamb on brioche bread; rack of lamb with rice, tomato and chimichurri; picaña with seasoned baby potatoes, farofa and chimichurri; wide steak with seasoned baby potatoes, farofa and chimichurri; the vegetarian option featured a mix of roasted vegetables served with basil pesto. Each dish had a price ranging from 20 to 35 reais.

The meat of Uruguayan origin was donated by the National Meat Institute of Uruguay (INAC). They were 100 kg of rack of lamb, 100 kg of boneless lamb shank, 50 kg of beef picaña and 50 kg of beef broad steak. The Colinas de Garzón brand did its thing with the olive oil necessary for cooking and preparing the dishes, giving Uruguay Wine 13 liters of the different varieties.

Following the grills, the food court was framed by a stage where the band called "Folksons", local Folk music, delighted all those present for more than three hours generating a true party. The public celebrated and danced the different covers presented in the band's own style, it was the perfect component to crown this meeting with great success.

During the event we were accompanied by the Wine Tourism department of INAVI, the Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay, as sponsors representing the prestigious Hotel Enjoy in Punta del Este and the Brazilian flag airline, Azul. At its stand, attendees had the chance to participate in a Wine Tourism game and win prizes such as: tote bags with the wine tourism logo, t-shirts, corkscrews, lunches, and tastings at Uruguayan wineries.

The surprise of the event were two raffles, with each entry participating in two tourist packages to Uruguay that included: round-trip airfare for two people to our country donated by the Azul company, three nights of accommodation with breakfast and spa in a Hotel Enjoy Punta Del Este, donated by the prestigious hotel and a tour of Uruguayan wineries coordinated by the INAVI Wine Tourism Department.

Without a doubt, the second edition of the Uruguayan Tannat and Lamb Festival 2023 in São Paulo was a resounding success in terms of organization, attendees and wine sales. A meeting that is already installed among São Paulo consumers who are looking forward to the third edition in 2024.

The wineries participating in this tour were: Montes Toscanini, Cerro Chapeu, Bouza, Bracco Bosca, Antigua Bodega, Casa Tannat, Basta Spirits, Marichal, Pizzorno, Nakkal Project, Pisano, Viña Progreso, Atlántica Gourmet, Colorado Chico, Narbona, Ariano Hermanos , Craftswoman, Garzón, Toscanini e Hijos, Cerro del Toro, Brisas, Juanico Establishment and Deicas Family.

Uruguay Wine once again placed Uruguayan wine at the center of the local scene, not only in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, but these activities resonate beyond these borders.