Hacienda del Sacramento is a young and dynamic Premium Winery where fine wines are made from unique vineyards – Single Vineyard – located a few kilometers from the City of Colonia del Sacramento and close to the shores of Río de la Plata.
With a global vision that focuses on the export of its wines, it seeks to reflect the true Uruguayan flavor in its drinks.
Since 2015, limited edition wines have been produced, obtaining prizes and recognitions in the USA and Europe.
In 2022, the Tourist Bodega will open, which will be “eco-friendly”, friendly with the environment and powered by solar energy. Guided tours, tastings and walks through the forest will be offered.
The farm also has an olive grove with 10,000 olive trees and woods with groves that use the property so that visitors can explore it with horseback, returning to the luxury cabins at night to enjoy a typical and traditional roast accompanied by a wine winery. own elaboration.

Datos de contacto

Ruta 50 Km 6Colonia del Sacramento

(+598) 92 120 800