Coming from the bosom of an enterprising Basque family, Don Santos Etcheverry, founder of Castillo Viejo Winery, planted a philosophy of dedication and effort that today continues to be present in the third and fourth generations, and is summarized in the simple but marked concept that defines us: give our best.

At Castillo Viejo Winery vision and tradition come together to always deliver excellence, nobility and quality in fine wines.

The total production capacity of the winery is 50,000 boxes of fine wines per year. Through a laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we rigorously control the entire production process. From the temperature during fermentation, which in white wines should be less than 16 ° C and in red wines less than 29 ° C, to subsequent decanting, tartaric stabilization and filtration work at the time of bottling. Physical and sensory analyzes of the wine are also carried out on a continuous basis. With a stable temperature all year round, our underground cellar houses the oak barrels. The use of these barrels is an old tradition that Castillo Viejo winery continues as an art to transmit aromas and flavors to the wine, improving its bouquet and enhancing its soul. The barrels of French and American origin, coming from different forests, present medium to strong toasts, providing exquisite complexities that give the guest the excellence, expression, elegance and personality that we seek to differentiate each of our great wines.

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