Is the largest winery in Uruguay as a unit, with an installed capacity of 5 million liters. The 7226 m² building was built in a location and with a diagram specially designed to take the concept of efficiency to its maximum expression, maintaining the quality parameters required by international markets.

In the Altos de José Ignacio we discovered a new micro-terroir, inland, where a landscape characterized by the typical Uruguayan Hills predominate on the horizon and which are caressed by the constant sea breezes that come from the Atlantic coast. These same breezes help to dry up the humidity due to excess rain and avoid the presence of diseases in the vineyard, also tempering the high temperatures of summer and allowing an excellent ripening of the grapes. This is how our main lines of wines were born, using state-of-the-art technology, mechanized harvesting and a philosophy focused on the concept of efficiency.

Datos de contacto

Camino Ing. Sainz Martinez Km.17Altos de José Ignacio

(+598) 4224 1759