La Cité Du Vin : Masterclasses Uruguayan wines
La Cité Du Vin : Masterclasses Uruguayan wines

The Cité Du Vin is located in Bordeaux, France; It is a museum, a place for exhibitions, shows and academic seminars, exclusively related to the world of wine.

Since 2016, the year of its creation, Uruguayan wines are present and exhibited throughout the year.

The attendance of the Cité Du Vin is high, since it is visited by some 2,000 people per day.

The week of Latin America and the Caribbean is celebrated there, within that week on May 26 two masterclasses were held with 4 Uruguayan wines where about 100 people attended both.

The presentation was in charge of the renowned Uruguayan sommelier Charlie Arturaola, starting from the history of Uruguayan wine, going through the different wine varieties that are produced in Uruguay to the present day of the Uruguayan wine sector.

The wines presented on this occasion were: Preludio 2015 from Familia Deicas, Bouza Monte Vide Eu 2019, Pisano RPF Tannat 2018 and Garzon Single Vineyard Albariño 2020.

The wines impressed the audience who expressed surprise at the quality of Uruguayan wines.